Circles Industrial wall art resin coated painted boardDark ArtHR Giger


H R Giger inspired19x36 industrial upcycled spray board, during fabrication of other things we end up with interesting waste material. I found this one particularly interesting and decided to save it and take it to the next step.


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General Information

BA 3D Illustration from The Columbus College of Art and Design
Lakewood High School-commercial art
Prior work
The ShadowBox (Wood working, crafts)
The ScareFactory ( Halloween and Horror props fabricaton)
Hands on creative Skils! in no order.
Painting, Drawing, sculpting, ceramics, welding, woodworking. construction, design, electrical, fabrication in wood sheetmetal etc, home design and remodeling, installation, plumbing, all of which come in handy.

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