Book of Shadows, Silver color on Black 5x7 80 lines pages


Book of Shadows, spell book, 5x7 80 lined pages. choose from 7 designs, customs requests welcome

5x7 lined book, choice of laser cut wood design,
Witch's Knot, Big Pentacle, Small Pentacle, Triple Goddess, Anhk,Horned God, Heptagram,



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USPS first class mail, priority optional for urgent orders


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General Information

BA 3D Illustration from The Columbus College of Art and Design
Lakewood High School-commercial art
Prior work
The ShadowBox (Wood working, crafts)
The ScareFactory ( Halloween and Horror props fabricaton)
Hands on creative Skils! in no order.
Painting, Drawing, sculpting, ceramics, welding, woodworking. construction, design, electrical, fabrication in wood sheetmetal etc, home design and remodeling, installation, plumbing, all of which come in handy.

This turned out to be a very very good purchase. I use fountain pens and it's hard to find customized journals that hold up to medium nibs and wet inks. For only 12 dollars I got a journal that invites conversation when people see me write in it because of the laser-etched design on the cover. And more importantly, the paper doesn't bleed through when I use my fountain pens. The paper is relatively smooth to write on. You will feel a bit scratchiness, but the price of the journal and design of the logo more than makeup for that in my opinion. I would buy this again and recommend it for people that use fountain pens. Rolando S. San Antonio, Texas

Love it! It's just right!

Love it! It's just right!

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