Wood Pentacle Altar Tile -Pentagram- Witch's Knot-Sigil of Baphpmet- Sigil of LeVay-Tile ANY SIZE 4-11 inches


Pentacle Altar Tile-Pentagram Tile ANY SIZE 1-11 inces

Made from 1/4 in sanded birch plywood which I can cut from 1 to 11 inch diameters disk.

Pentagram-Pentacle -Star of David-Witches Knot- Heptagram-Sigil of Baphomet*- Sigil of LeVay*

Available in multiple designs including Star of David and Witches Knot

custom design requests welcome, including personal sigils and emblems, just ask

We can do your personal or customs requested designs as well so just ask.

These are not finished in any way, I really feel it's important that you personally stain, paint or otherwise finish your alter tile with your own hands. I can provide the foundation and structure but it should be yours to infuse with your own creative energies. Each is made to order, I don't keep stock of these.

If you need half sizes please ask, or specific shapes other than the circles , please ask.

Questions, Please ask.

*Sigil of LeVay and Sigil of Baphomet are licensed from The Church of Satan



Shipping from United States

USPS first class mail, priority optional for urgent orders


Case by Case


General Information

BA 3D Illustration from The Columbus College of Art and Design
Lakewood High School-commercial art
Prior work
The ShadowBox (Wood working, crafts)
The ScareFactory ( Halloween and Horror props fabricaton)
Hands on creative Skils! in no order.
Painting, Drawing, sculpting, ceramics, welding, woodworking. construction, design, electrical, fabrication in wood sheetmetal etc, home design and remodeling, installation, plumbing, all of which come in handy.

Wonderful. The design is clear and crisp as day. I got mine in 6 inch size with Pentacle 1 design. It's a perfect traveling size for me, very light. It has a lovely sage smell and I appreciate it. Still deciding on a way to complete it without disturbing the sharpness of the design and the simplicity of the wood.

This arrived exactly as described and completely gorgeous. Crafted with precision, this is the 5" tile. My only complaint (which has NOTHING to do with the shop owner), is that I likely would have preferred this in a 4", but would not have known this until after receiving. I have a poor concept of space sometimes. Otherwise, the item is perfect, exactly as described and arrived timely after shipping. Packaged with care, items were shipped in the same package with no damage from rubbing. I would absolutely buy from this shop again.

Thank you it's perfect.

Came out perfect, worth every penny...

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