Steampunk Tube - Tesla Tube - Underlight 9Vdc powered - Brass - Copper


Our original wire tube now with lights.

9V Underlight Steampunk Tesla Tube, radio tube, tesla tube, one tube All purpose tubes , tesla tube tesla coil, vacuum tube,radio tube Electrogun tube, any and various use of your steampunk, mad scientist and cosply costume needs.

Our Steampunk Telsa Tubes are handcrafted in Illinois of durable plastic tubes. They are only 2-3 oz making a lightweight and highly effective addition to any prop or costume.

Length 5.5 to 5.75in
Tube Diameter 1in
Base Diameter 1.25in
Base Height 1in

sold per unit/ each
9 vdc power.

Project pack includes 1 x tube with 12in wire leads

Battery Connetor
1 x 9vdc battery connector
light soldering required

Quick micro connector no soldering required

For international order please contact us for shipping options

Reviews (2)


It is an interesting "Steampunk' looking device, and does what is supposed to do.

Sympa aussi , mais le prix ne justifie pas l'objet ... très cher pour le résultat

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