Brass Base Steampunk Tesla Tube 9V Light Up


9V Light Up Core Steampunk Tesla Tube,

We’ve been fabricating quality props since 1999, for Sci-fi, Haunted Houses, Theatre companies, B Movies, Professional attractions , and Cosplay.

Our Steampunk Telsa Tubes are handcrafted in Illinois of durable plastic tubes. They are only 2-3 oz making a lightweight and highly effective addition to any prop or costume.
Whether it be on an arm bracer, hat, bag or other prop one or many tubes will be a great addition as a focal point or light effect accent. Available in several color options to meet your needs.

Length 5.5 to 5.75in
Tube Diameter 1in
Base Diameter 1.25in
Base Height 1in

sold per unit/ each

See our facebook page for details and ideas.

. Five and one half inches tall, base of one and one quarter Incorporate and attach to your gadgetry. NEW 9 vdc power.

Project pack includes 1 x tube with 12in wire leads

Battery Connetor
1 x 9vdc battery connector
light soldering required

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Reviews (4)


I ordered 2 of these and they arrived in perfect condition and work exactly as described. Excellent work! I can't wait to put them to use.

Shipped VERY fast. Very nice devise with pleasing effect. Modern looking yet something Tesla would have found interesting. Excellent communications. +++Dealer

I use it as a deco for my living room. Very easy to use (i ordered the totally finished one), funny source of inspiration, i like the atmosphere it provides, the violet light can be hot and cold at the same time.

Turned out really well. I will be using it with my Batman costume anytime I run into a Superman cosplayer! 😄

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